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Imicast Impulse
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Video-Based Passive Vital Signs Measurement for Sports Broadcast

Imicast Impulse™ measures an athlete's vital signs through real-time video analysis of their skin. These metrics are output through a configurable data interface to third party overlay graphics systems, for live TV broadcast and to inform commentary. They provide a great insight into an athlete's performance.

No special cameras or lighting are needed.

Runner 5  ❤ 134

❤ 151


Vital signs:

  • Heart rate

    • Precision: 1 bpm to 3 bpm

    • Latency: 10 secs to 30 secs

    • Update period: 1 sec

  • Other metrics in development

Video input:

  • SD/HD/3G-SDI

  • Wide range of video formats


  • Touchscreen

    • Select region of interest

    • Select athlete when multiple faces are in shot


  • Configurable data interface

  • Supports third party overlay graphics systems

What are the benefits of Imicast Impulse™ over
wearable systems?

  • No impact on the athletes

  • No additional costly infrastructure needed

  • If you own the video, you own the data source

  • Broadcasters can sell statistics back to the teams

  • Adding statistics to video content increases its value

Lead rider ❤ 148

❤ 63


  • Athletics

  • Cycling

  • Soccer/Football

  • Basketball

  • Rugby

  • Tennis

  • Snooker

  • Archery
  • and much more!​​


Imicast Impulse™ uses a patented approach based on independent component analysis (ICA) of skin colour over time. The system performs face detection and tracking to identify the area of the picture to focus on. It uses bespoke image processing optimised for sports applications, applies the ICA algorithms and then analyses the frequency components of the resultant signals to determine the heart rate and other vital signs.

Heart Rate Sports Analytics

Add a new dimension to your sports footage.

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