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3rd February 2017

Passive Vital Signs Measurement
for Sports Broadcast


The fitness, performance and health of athletes has never been of greater interest to sports fans as it is today. With the range of sports statistics currently available, viewers and commentators alike can track a runner's personal best, a tennis player's ranking, a footballer's percentage of successful passes... With advances in the field of passive vital signs measurements, this could soon be extended to heart rates and recovery times, blood pressures, respiration rates and blood oxygen levels. Application of the latest medical technology is already starting to make this possible based on nothing more than existing video footage.

Having been closely involved in the development of this technology for the medical and home health markets, Imicast has developed a proof of concept system capable of recording heart rate during exercise and during the post-exercise recovery period. Fed from a standard HD camera feed, results show extremely close correlation with conventional heart rate monitors.

Graph of Heart Rate v Time

An early demonstration video explains a little more about the context of these results.

For more information into this exciting opportunity for sports broadcasters, please contact us.


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